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Welcome to “NEA Marketing Master Class,” an immersive and transformative 60 hour course series designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills for DIY marketing. Led by industry experts and seasoned marketers of the Polish Agency, this comprehensive series covers a wide range of topics, from crafting compelling mission statements and impactful branding strategies to leveraging the power of social media and paid ads. Throughout the series, participants will dive deep into the art of storytelling, exploring how to create emotional connections with their audience, and harnessing the magic of marketing to stand out from the competition. By the end of this journey, participants will be well-equipped to introduce their brand effectively to the community, nurture lasting customer relationships, and drive business growth through a highly skilled Meta ads strategy and execution.

15 participants with only one participant per industry

60 hour intensive, hands-on marketing training

Mondays from 8am – 6pm, starting on October 9 – November 13th, 2023

Polish Agency building – 202 E. Washington Ave.

$5,000 $2,500*

*For attending the first course of it’s kind in NEA, we are offering this first session at half price in exchange for your feedback on the course.
  • The significance of first impressions in modern marketing
  • Crafting compelling mission statements that resonate with audiences
  • Developing impactful branding strategies for brand recognition and loyalty
  • The art of storytelling and its role in creating emotional connections with customers
  • Leveraging digital platforms (websites, social media, and Google listings) for effective brand introductions
  • Auditing and optimizing digital presence for authenticity and impact
  • Understanding the evolution and future of social media in business
  • Setting up and/or auditing business accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • Creating diverse and compelling content that aligns with business goals
  • Strategies for planning, organizing, and executing effective social media campaigns
  • Learn when and how to schedule based on your audience and industry
  • Leveraging tools and analytics to measure social media performance
  • Real-world batch content planning and interactive feedback sessions
  • Analyzing and understanding various types of paid advertising
  • Aligning ad placements with the marketing funnel for maximum impact
  • Setting up a meta ads account and exploring different goal options
  • Crafting persuasive ad content and copy that empowers customer decisions
  • Strategies for A/B testing and data-driven ad optimization
  • Maximizing ROI through smart ad budget allocation and tracking
  • Fine-tuning top-of-funnel and middle-of-funnel ads for optimized performance
  • The art of email and SMS marketing for nurturing customer relationships
  • Leveraging community involvement and sponsorships for brand visibility
  • Building connections with referral sources and leveraging networking opportunities
  • Automating vetting processes and utilizing platforms for streamlined operations
  • Crafting ads that inspire customer conversions and empower choices
  • Setting up conversion-focused bottom-of-funnel ads to close deals effectively
  • Placing pixels strategically for tracking customer behavior and ad optimization
  • Budget allocation, tracking, and optimization for a high return on ad spend
  • Designing impactful incentives to drive customer loyalty and brand perception
  • Leveraging data to make intelligent marketing decisions and measure success
  • Reflection and recapitulation of the entire course series
  • Analyzing the success of participants’ real world ad campaigns and drawing insights
  • Exploring influencer marketing and turning customers into brand ambassadors
  • Crisis management in public relations and handling dissatisfied customers
  • Embracing diversity, inclusion, and company culture in marketing efforts
  • Unleashing the power of psychology and creative thinking in marketing
  • Open discussion on the magic of marketing and continuous learning

Join us and embark on a transformative journey that will unlock the secrets to effective marketing, elevate your brand presence, and pave the way for sustained success in the competitive business world. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a budding entrepreneur, this comprehensive series promises to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving realm of modern marketing. Congratulations on taking the first step toward a brighter future for your business!


Modern Day Meet Cute - Making an impression
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Social Media

Let's Get Social - Making Your Social Media Presence Count
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Meta Ads

The Big Bang for Your Ad Buck Theory - Maximizing Your Paid Advertising
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How to Touch Base Without Being in Their Face - Building Lasting Customer Relationships
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Don't Beg a Chooser - Mastering Customer Conversions and Retention
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Where the Magic Happens - Mastering the Art and Science of Marketing
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Course 1: Modern Day Meet Cute
Making an Impression

Course Overview: “The Modern Day Meet Cute” is an immersive 10-hour marketing course designed to empower participants to effectively introduce their brand and company to the community and leave a lasting impression. This hands-on course focuses on practical application, where every concept learned is immediately put into action for the participants’ businesses, whether it’s their own venture or a company they work for. Through interactive sessions and real-world examples, students will master the art of crafting compelling mission statements, developing impactful branding strategies, and creating engaging brand stories. Furthermore, they will learn how to leverage digital platforms, such as websites, social media, and Google listings, to introduce their brand effectively to potential customers. With a strong emphasis on auditing and optimizing their digital presence, participants will gain valuable insights into presenting their businesses to the community in the most authentic and impactful way.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction: The Power of First Impressions
    • Understanding the significance of introductions in modern-day marketing
    • The concept of a “Meet Cute” and its relevance to business branding
    • Setting the stage for creating a memorable and lasting impression
  • Crafting a Compelling Mission Statement
    • Defining the mission and values of your brand or company
    • The role of mission statements in shaping brand identity
    • Tailoring mission statements to resonate with target audiences
    • Aligning company objectives with community needs and values
  • The Art of Branding: Getting It Right
    • The importance of branding in building brand recognition and loyalty
    • Elements of successful branding and design considerations
    • Building brand consistency across various touchpoints
    • Case studies of brands with effective and impactful branding
  • The Power of Storytelling
    • Understanding the impact of storytelling on brand communication
    • Developing a compelling and authentic brand story
    • The role of storytelling in creating emotional connections with customers
    • Practical exercises in crafting engaging brand narratives
  • Digital Introductions: Website, Social Media, and Google Listings
    • Leveraging websites as a primary introduction tool for businesses
    • Harnessing the power of social media for brand awareness and engagement
    • Optimizing Google listings to increase online visibility
    • Hands-on sessions on creating or improving digital platforms for participants’ businesses
  • Auditing Your Brand’s Digital Presence
    • The importance of regular auditing in maintaining a strong online presence
    • Identifying areas for improvement in websites, social media, and Google listings
    • Implementing strategies to enhance digital introductions and user experience
  • Effective Community Engagement
    • Building relationships with the local community and target customers
    • Strategies for participating in community events and initiatives
    • Leveraging partnerships and collaborations for greater community impact
  • Conclusion: Making a Lasting Impression
    • Reviewing key takeaways and practical applications from the course
    • Formulating personalized action plans for introducing participants’ businesses
    • Empowering participants to create a lasting impression on their target audience


Join “The Modern Day Meet Cute” course and unlock the secrets to introducing your brand and company with confidence and authenticity. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding business professional, this course promises to equip you with the skills and strategies needed to make a lasting impression in the competitive business landscape.


Course 2: Let’s Get Social
Making Your Social Media Presence Count

Course Overview: “Let’s Get Social” is an engaging 10-hour course that forms part of our comprehensive series on digital marketing and branding. This course is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize the impact of their social media presence. From understanding the evolution and future of social media to conducting in-depth audits and setting up business accounts, this course covers essential aspects of leveraging social media for business success. Participants will learn how to create compelling and diverse content that aligns with their business goals and resonates with their target audience. With a focus on planning, organizing, and executing content effectively, this course empowers participants to implement social media strategies tailored to their specific business type. Real-world batch content planning exercises and interactive feedback sessions offer hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to refine their social media approach. 

Course Outline:

  • Introduction: The Power of Social Media for Businesses
    • Understanding the role of social media in modern business strategies
    • Exploring the history and evolution of social media platforms
    • Predicting future trends and advancements in social media
  • Social Media Landscape: Reviewing Best Practices
    • Analyzing successful social media strategies of other businesses
    • Identifying key elements of impactful social media content
    • Learning from case studies and success stories
  • Setting Up and Auditing Social Media Accounts
    • Properly creating and optimizing business accounts on various platforms
    • Conducting thorough audits of existing social media accounts
    • Ensuring correct access and permissions for team members and collaborators
  • Crafting Compelling Content
    • Understanding the different types of content suitable for social media
    • Setting clear content goals and objectives for business growth
    • Utilizing creative tools and resources to enhance content quality
  • Strategies for Effective Content Execution
    • Tailoring social media strategies to match different business types and industries
    • Planning and organizing content calendars for consistency and efficiency
    • Executing content in alignment with business objectives and target audience
  • Real-World Batch Content Planning
    • Hands-on exercise in creating a batch of social media content
    • Allocating time during the course for participants to work on their content plans
    • Facilitated group discussions and feedback sessions for content refinement
  • Leveraging Tools and Analytics
    • Exploring tools and resources for social media content planning and scheduling
    • Analyzing social media analytics to measure performance and make data-driven decisions
    • Identifying opportunities for improvement based on data insights
  • Conclusion: Making Your Social Media Presence Count
    • Recapitulating key learnings and actionable takeaways from the course
    • Formulating personalized action plans to enhance social media impact
    • Empowering participants to create and execute successful social media strategies

Join “Let’s Get Social” and harness the true potential of social media to elevate your business and create a lasting impact on your target audience. Whether you are new to social media or seeking to optimize your existing strategies, this course promises to equip you with valuable skills and insights to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Course 3: The Big Bang for Your Ad Buck Theory
Maximizing Your Paid Advertising ROI

Course Overview: “The Big Bang for Your Ad Buck Theory” is a dynamic and results-driven course that delves deep into the world of paid advertising. In this 10-hour course, participants will discover the strategic approach to paid ads, emphasizing the importance of knowledge, data, and smart decision-making over blind spending. Through open discussions and analysis of the ads they receive, participants will gain valuable insights into effective ad targeting. The course covers a wide range of paid ads, from traditional to digital, and explores their specific applications for different business goals. Participants will learn how to align their ad placements with the marketing funnel, ensuring that the right ads reach the right audience at the appropriate stage of the customer journey. A hands-on session will guide participants through setting up a meta ads account with a focus on goal options and audience targeting. With practical exercises on ad content, copywriting, and A/B testing, participants will leave the course equipped with the knowledge and tools to optimize their ad campaigns and achieve a higher return on investment.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction: The Ad Overload
    • Open discussion on participants’ experiences with paid ads
    • Analyzing the reasons behind receiving certain ads
    • Identifying the impact of targeted advertising on consumer behavior
  • Exploring Different Types of Paid Ads
    • Understanding the landscape of paid advertising, from traditional to digital channels
    • Evaluating the strengths and applications of each type of paid ad
    • Real-world examples of successful paid ad campaigns
  • Navigating the Marketing Funnel
    • Understanding the marketing funnel and its role in ad placement
    • Aligning ads with specific stages of the customer journey
    • Strategies for maximizing conversions and customer engagement
  • Setting Up a Meta Ads Account
    • Guided walkthrough of setting up a meta ads account in the class
    • Exploring different goal options for ad campaigns
    • Understanding the importance of audience targeting for better ad performance
  • Crafting Effective Ad Content and Copy
    • Techniques for creating compelling ad content that resonates with the audience
    • Best practices for writing persuasive ad copy
    • Practical exercises in ad content creation and copywriting
  • Special Ad Categories and Limitations
    • Navigating special ad categories and restrictions imposed by meta
    • Ensuring ad compliance with platform guidelines
    • Strategies for overcoming limitations and maximizing ad reach
  • Hands-On Ad Setup: Top Funnel Ads
    • Step-by-step guidance in setting up top-of-funnel ads
    • Understanding the purpose and objectives of each ad type
    • Conducting A/B tests for data-driven ad optimization
  • Conclusion: Maximizing Your Ad ROI
    • Recapitulating key learnings and takeaways from the course
    • Crafting personalized ad strategies for participants’ businesses
    • Empowering participants to achieve a significant return on their ad investments


Join “The Big Bang for Your Ad Buck Theory” and revolutionize your approach to paid advertising. Whether you are new to paid ads or looking to refine your existing campaigns, this course provides actionable insights and practical tools to ensure your ad spend generates impactful results and drives business growth.

Course 4: How to Touch Base Without Being in Their Face Building Lasting Customer Relationships

Course Overview: “How to Touch Base Without Being in Their Face” is an enriching 10-hour course that centers on nurturing customer relationships and maintaining meaningful connections. In this fourth installment of the series, participants will embark on a comprehensive recap of the knowledge gained so far. We will begin by reviewing and fine-tuning top-of-funnel ads previously placed and optimizing their impact. We will discuss the role middle funnel ads should play when it comes to “touching base” and collecting info and will set up those ads in class. From there, the course delves deeper into various ways of engaging with existing clients and customers beyond traditional channels like social media and websites. Participants will explore the art of email and SMS marketing, understanding appropriate messaging, and aligning it with specific funnel levels. The course also covers community involvement and sponsorships, highlighting strategies to make informed decisions and leverage marketing materials effectively. Additionally, participants will discover the power of building connections with referral sources and the impact of good relationships and networking. Practical techniques to streamline the vetting process for what your brand should be involved with and learning to automate using platforms like JotForm,, and CRMs will further empower participants to build lasting customer relationships that make sense.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction: A Recap of Knowledge So Far
    • Reviewing key learnings from previous courses in the series
    • Fine-tuning top-of-funnel ads for optimized performance
    • Setting up middle-of-funnel ads for collecting touch points
  • Beyond Social Media and Websites
    • Exploring additional touchpoints with existing clients and customers
    • Understanding the role of email and SMS marketing in nurturing relationships
    • Strategizing messaging and identifying appropriate funnel stages
  • Community Involvement and Sponsorships
    • Leveraging community engagement for brand visibility and reputation
    • Strategies for selecting meaningful and relevant community involvements
    • The role of marketing materials and swag in community marketing
  • Building Connections with Referral Sources
    • The significance of referral sources in growing customer base
    • Investing in efforts to strengthen relationships and encourage referrals
    • Best practices for nurturing and maintaining referral partnerships
  • Streamlining the Vetting Process and Automation
    • Techniques for efficiently vetting involvement opportunities
    • Utilizing platforms like JotForm,, and CRMs for automation
    • Maximizing time and resources through automated processes
  • Practical Application: Developing Your Customer Touchpoint Strategy
    • Crafting personalized customer touchpoint strategies for participants’ businesses
    • Mapping out a plan for engaging with existing clients and customers
    • Hands-on exercises to fine-tune email and SMS marketing campaigns
  • Conclusion: Mastering Customer Relationship Building
    • Recapitulating key takeaways from the course
    • Empowering participants to establish and maintain lasting customer relationships
    • Equipping businesses with practical tools and strategies for long-term success


Join “How to Touch Base Without Being in Their Face” and discover the art of cultivating genuine and enduring customer relationships. Whether you are seeking to strengthen your customer engagement or exploring innovative marketing techniques, this course offers valuable insights and strategies to foster loyalty and drive business growth through meaningful interactions with your audience.


Course 5: Don’t Beg a Chooser
Mastering Customer Conversions and Retention

Course Overview: “Don’t Beg a Chooser” is an engaging and transformative 10-hour course, marking the fifth segment of our comprehensive series. This course focuses on empowering participants to excel in customer conversions and retention, transforming their business relationships from passive to proactive. Commencing with a thorough review and optimization of top-of-funnel and middle-of-funnel ads, participants will learn the art of crafting persuasive ads that empower customers to make informed choices. A hands-on workshop will guide them in writing compelling ads that drive conversions, followed by setting up conversion-focused bottom-of-funnel ads to close deals effectively. The course delves into customer service, organic social media, and paid ads, exploring their pivotal roles in fostering customer conversions and retention. Participants will grasp the significance of pixel placement for tracking customer behavior and leveraging data to optimize ad campaigns and measure performance effectively. Budget allocation, tracking, and optimization will be discussed in-depth, equipping participants to make informed decisions and achieve a high return on ad spend (ROAS). Overall, the course aims to empower businesses not to beg for business, but to improve at showcasing why you are the best choice, forging strong and lasting relationships with customers, and attaining sustained growth and success.

Course Outline: 

  • Introduction: From Beggar to Barganier
    • Setting the stage for customer conversion and retention strategies
    • Reviewing and optimizing top-of-funnel and middle-of-funnel ads
    • Setting up bottom-of-funnel ads
  • Crafting Ads that Empower
    • Techniques for connecting with customer needs and aspirations
    • Implementing storytelling and emotional appeal in ad copy
    • Hands-on workshop in writing persuasive ads that inspire choices
  • Closing Deals with Bottom-of-Funnel Conversion Ads
    • Setting up conversion-focused ads to encourage action and sales
    • Understanding the psychology of empowered customer decision-making
    • Strategies for optimizing ads to close deals effectively
  • Unleashing the Power of Pixels
    • Explaining the significance of pixel placement in tracking customer behavior
    • Utilizing pixel data to optimize ad campaigns and measure performance
    • Hands-on exercises in setting up and utilizing pixels
  • Mastering Marketing Budget Allocation
    • Making informed decisions on marketing budget allocation
    • Tracking and analyzing marketing expenses for effective resource allocation
    • Strategies for optimizing budget to enhance overall performance 
  • Empowering with Incentives
    • Recognizing the importance of incentives in driving customer loyalt
    • Designing impactful incentive programs to encourage desired actions
    • Creating a positive brand perception through thoughtful incentives
  • Leveraging Data for Intelligent Decisions
    • Analyzing data to make informed ad tweaks and enhance conversions
    • Understanding key metrics and reporting data for decision-making
    • Calculating return on ad spend (ROAS) to measure campaign success
  • Conclusion: From Beggar to Bargainer – A Lasting Transformation
    • Recapitulating key learnings from the course
    • Empowering participants to master customer conversions and retention
    • Equipping businesses to forge lasting relationships, sustained growth, and success

Join “Don’t Be a Beggar to a Chooser” and unlock the power of empowered customer conversions and retention. This course in the series offers actionable insights, hands-on workshops, and practical techniques to transform your business relationships from passive beggars to proactive choosers. Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketing professional, or business owner, this course provides the knowledge and tools to make strategic decisions, foster brand loyalty, and achieve long-term business prosperity.

Course 6: Where the Magic Happens
Mastering the Art and Science of Marketing

Course Overview: “Where the Magic Happens” marks the exhilarating and enlightening final segment of our transformative course series. In this culminating 10-hour session, participants will embark on a comprehensive journey of reflection, exploration, and celebration. We will begin by revisiting the invaluable knowledge gained over the past six weeks, reviewing the three ad campaigns set up by each participant. Through open discussions and data analysis, we will draw insightful conclusions and address any concerns that arose during the ad campaigns. The course will delve into influencer marketing, differentiating between what it truly entails and what it is not. Participants will learn how to turn their best customers into influential brand ambassadors through well-designed incentive programs. Crisis management in public relations and handling dissatisfied customers will be discussed, empowering participants with the tools to navigate challenging situations with finesse and empathy. Understanding the significance of diversity and inclusion in both external marketing and internal operations, the course will highlight the role of company culture in shaping successful marketing strategies. The impact of psychology in consumer behavior will be explored, prompting participants to think beyond data and logic in making marketing decisions. Inspired by concepts from the book “Alchemy” by Rory Sutherland, we will engage in an open discussion on the enchantment of magic in marketing. The importance of continuous learning, seeking answers, and embracing the ever-evolving nature of marketing will be emphasized. To conclude this transformative journey, we will present class awards, hold an informal graduation, and celebrate the accomplishments achieved in this transformative course series.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction: Reflecting on the Journey
    • Recapitulating key learnings from the course series
    • Reviewing the three ad campaigns and drawing conclusions
    • Embracing the excitement of the final session
  • Empowering Brand Ambassadors: The Art of Influencer Marketing
    • Understanding the true essence of influencer marketing
    • Transforming best customers into influential brand advocates through incentives
    • Leveraging influencer partnerships for authentic brand storytelling
  • Navigating Crisis Management in PR and Customer Relations
    • Strategies for handling crisis situations with grace and empathy
    • Addressing dissatisfied customers and turning negative experiences into positive ones
    • The role of transparent communication in reputation management
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture: Keys to Successful Marketing
    • Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in marketing efforts
    • Aligning marketing strategies with company culture and values
    • Building a brand that resonates with diverse audiences
  • The Psychology of Marketing: Unveiling the Magic
    • Unraveling the impact of psychology on consumer behavior
    • Thinking beyond data and logic to captivate and engage audiences
    • Embracing creativity and intuition in marketing decisions
  • Exploring the Enchantment of “Alchemy” in Marketing
    • Inspired by concepts from Rory Sutherland’s book “Alchemy”
    • Engaging in an open discussion on magic in marketing
    • Embracing the art of persuasion and imaginative thinking
  • Embracing Continuous Learning and Adaptation
    • The importance of seeking knowledge and staying updated
    • Embracing change and evolution in the dynamic world of marketing
    • Preparing for the future of marketing with a growth mindset
  • Celebrating Accomplishments: Class Awards and Graduation
    • Presenting class awards to recognize outstanding achievements
    • Informal graduation ceremony to celebrate participants’ transformation
    • Concluding the course series with a joyous reception


Join “Where the Magic Happens” and celebrate the culmination of your marketing journey. This final course offers a harmonious blend of art and science, empowering you to master the magical world of marketing. From influencer marketing to crisis management, diversity to psychology, this course provides invaluable insights and techniques to create enchanting marketing experiences. Embrace the art of persuasion, unleash your creativity, and prepare for an exciting future in the ever-evolving realm of marketing. Congratulations on reaching this transformative milestone!


Katie Spencer
Business Analyst

Katie was born and raised in Jonesboro, AR alongside Lindsey. She graduated from Arkansas State in 2010 with a BA in Communication Studies and a minor in Spanish. Katie joined Lindsey in transforming Lindsey’s consulting business into a full service marketing agency in late 2019. Katie’s has worn several different hats as the business has grown. She now serves as the Business Analyst where she handles HR duties, manages budgets, analyzes insights, places ads and helps keep the business side of things running smoothly and efficiently. We always like to pick her creative brain as well.

As for Katie’s personal life, she is married to Reiner Alpizar Ovares, a talented Costa Rican photographer. She currently works remotely in Costa Rica with plans to move back to Jonesboro soon. She loves to travel, spend time with her friends and coworkers, and sip coffee on her front porch.

“My favorite thing about working at The Polish Agency is the incredible work environment. We work hard and all have an incredible passion for doing our very best, but we also know how to make it fun. We have a great rapport and that definitely comes across in the work we do.”

Lindsey Bowman

Lindsey Hawkins Bowman is a Jonesboro native, and while her title says she’s the Chief Psychologist – she’s not actually a psychologist or a doctor, but does find herself in situations where she is helping clients study and examine the minds and behaviors of themselves and also their target audience. She jokingly fills the role of “mom” for her employees too, which lends itself to plenty of opportunities to act as an unlicensed therapist. She and her best friend, Katie Spencer, co-founded Polish in 2020.

Lindsey is a Jonesboro native; she graduated from Westside High School and went on to get her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Arkansas State University. If you want to see her resume and job history, you can check that out on LinkedIn. She is married to her husband, Derek Bowman, who is a VP at Simmons Bank in Jonesboro. They have three daughters – Beckett, Lainey and London. They are proud supporters of the A-State Red Wolves.