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Who We Are

Who We Are

Hi there! Welcome to Polish. We are a woman-owned, full-service marketing agency specializing in brand development, social media, websites, paid ad strategy and more. In 2019 Lindsey Bowman rebranded her growing consulting business, hired her best friend, and launched what we now know as The Polish Agency. We have grown to 7 full and part-time employees, and we consistently work with a few firms and freelancers for special projects. We serve 30 clients on an ongoing basis. For some clients, we create and manage ads, develop social media calendars and content, deploy social media ad strategies and curate email and text marketing plans. For others, we do all of that plus we act as your outsourced marketing department. This means we handle the coordination of any and all marketing needs, sometimes for multiple locations across the state and country.

What makes us different? Every day we are mastering the art of improvement. We test and polish up our own internal processes, the same way we audit what’s working and what’s not for our clients. The ultimate goal is maximum efficiency with the highest level of service. Our team attends the Social Media Marketing World conference each year to stay up to date on marketing in a quickly evolving world. What worked last year may not work this year and it’s our job to stay on top of that knowledge for our clients so they don’t waste a penny on marketing strategies that are old news. We focus on collaboration, communication, and consistency so that each client knows exactly what to expect. We are well equipped to do the heavy lifting, so let us take a few things off your plate. Your business is your business, our business is marketing, let’s see where we can go together.

The Process

You can expect these steps in our onboarding process. We will provide you with the info, then the ball is in your court when you’re ready to move to the next step.

1. Contact us

2. Review Package Options

3. Discovery call

4. Schedule Kick-off Meeting

5. Make it rain

Interested in learning more about whether Polish is the right fit for your business? Fill out our contact form to get started and a member of our team will follow up with you within 24 hours.

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Katie Spencer
Business Analyst

Katie was born and raised in Jonesboro, AR alongside Lindsey. She graduated from Arkansas State in 2010 with a BA in Communication Studies and a minor in Spanish. Katie joined Lindsey in transforming Lindsey’s consulting business into a full service marketing agency in late 2019. Katie’s has worn several different hats as the business has grown. She now serves as the Business Analyst where she handles HR duties, manages budgets, analyzes insights, places ads and helps keep the business side of things running smoothly and efficiently. We always like to pick her creative brain as well.

As for Katie’s personal life, she is married to Reiner Alpizar Ovares, a talented Costa Rican photographer. She currently works remotely in Costa Rica with plans to move back to Jonesboro soon. She loves to travel, spend time with her friends and coworkers, and sip coffee on her front porch.

“My favorite thing about working at The Polish Agency is the incredible work environment. We work hard and all have an incredible passion for doing our very best, but we also know how to make it fun. We have a great rapport and that definitely comes across in the work we do.”

Lindsey Bowman

Lindsey Hawkins Bowman is a Jonesboro native, and while her title says she’s the Chief Psychologist – she’s not actually a psychologist or a doctor, but does find herself in situations where she is helping clients study and examine the minds and behaviors of themselves and also their target audience. She jokingly fills the role of “mom” for her employees too, which lends itself to plenty of opportunities to act as an unlicensed therapist. She and her best friend, Katie Spencer, co-founded Polish in 2020.

Lindsey is a Jonesboro native; she graduated from Westside High School and went on to get her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Arkansas State University. If you want to see her resume and job history, you can check that out on LinkedIn. She is married to her husband, Derek Bowman, who is a VP at Simmons Bank in Jonesboro. They have three daughters – Beckett, Lainey and London. They are proud supporters of the A-State Red Wolves.