The Process

The Steps We Take

Phase 1 - Discovery

During the discovery phase, we typically try to have at least one face to face meeting. If face to face isn’t feasible, we will do a conference call or video chat to get as much information as we can about your marketing needs and goals. Sometimes we learn during this phase that you don’t even know what your needs are or what your goals are, and that is perfectly ok! We are here to guide you. Prior to this meeting, we will have you fill out a short form that’ll help us understand more about your business. During the discovery meeting, we’ll learn as much as we possibly can about your business to help us get to our next phase. There is no charge for a discovery meeting.

Phase 2 - Recommendation

Based on your business goals and marketing needs, we will make a recommendation for you on how we can help. After we brainstorm, we will devise a loose marketing plan and figure out how much time a full marketing plan will take, coupled with implementation of that plan. Again, since everyone is different, pricing is very customized based on need. Don’t get it twisted, you won’t get a free marketing plan during this phase, but you will see that we know what we’re doing and we’ll set expectations for both sides of the table, including a monetary proposal. There is no charge for a recommendation.

We have monthly retainer plans that start at $950/month and a la carte services that are priced based on the scope of work. Hourly marketing consultations start at $75/hr.

Phase 3 - Implementation

As soon as you sign the dotted line*, we will get to work right away on creating a formalized marketing plan and begin setting up a timeline for implementing the strategies we outline. This is very much a two-way relationship between Polish and Clients. We have to work together and be in regular communication in order for both of us to reach our maximum potential. This is the phase in which billing begins, and we go over all those details with you based on which options you choose.

*Contracts are required for retainer clients but the terms of those contracts are reviewed on a case by case basis, with a typical minimum of 3-6 months. For retainer clients, billing occurs on the 1st and payment is due on the last day of the month for the current month.

The Process

So, you’re here, and we hope that means you’re interested in our services! Maybe you’re asking “so what do I do next?” or you’re thinking “YES! I need this. But can I afford it?”.  We want to tell you just a little about the process we go through with each client during our onboarding process. A conversation is 100% free with no obligation. Most of our clients end up on monthly retainer agreements and we hold their hand through the implementation and maintenance of their marketing plan. But, some businesses already have strong marketing teams in place that are capable of implementing a plan on their own – so we also do a la carte marketing services and marketing plans. We’ve had clients before too who just needed our help for a short time, maybe during an acquisition or even a rebrand. We do short term retainers, too!

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