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Katie and I go way back. We’ve been a team for 30 years. You could even say we’ve been a marketing team for 30 years. When other little girls were playing with dolls or pretending to get married, Katie and I were playing a game we liked to call McKenzie and Berniece. I was McKenzie Banks and she was Berniece Kenzington, the fanciest names our millennial minds could conjure up. We were high powered business women that pretended to be in charge of doll companies, or imagined that we were planners of the wedding of the year.

Our marketing abilities really came to life when we set up a lemonade and punch stand in the little town McCrory, Arkansas, while visiting Katie’s grandparents.

Punch and Lemonade and Lemonade and Punch. You can buy a little bit or a whole bunch. Only 50 cents for your lunch. Punch and Lemonade and Lemonade and Punch.

It was so catchy that it still gets stuck in our heads today, and yours too. You’re welcome! We made the front page of the McCrory paper with that business venture, and the seed was planted.

It’s really a dream come true to be able to work together now and do something we both love. Both of our talents really shine in our respective roles at Polish. Katie’s greatest strengths are my greatest weaknesses. And, we have just always worked so well together and have a comfortability with one another that only comes with age. Once we put our heads together to do something, we really are a force to be reckoned with. (Just ask our moms.) We love being on this journey together and truly get so much gratification from helping our clients. 

Lindsey Bowman

Lindsey Hawkins Bowman is a Jonesboro native. She graduated from Westside High School and went on to get her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Arkansas State University. She was among the first few graduating classes that started as Indians and graduated as Red Wolves. Upon graduation, she was promoted from teller to Marketing and Business Development Officer at First Security Bank in Jonesboro. She worked with the bank for nearly 5 years total before moving to Southern Illinois. There, she worked as an Account Manager for Arthur Agency – an advertising agency based in Carbondale, Illinois. In 2016, Lindsey along with her husband, Derek, and their daughter, Beckett, had the opportunity to move back to Arkansas. At that time, Lindsey became a licensed Realtor, a journey she had set out on many years prior. Along with selling real estate, Lindsey began taking clients at that time as an independent marketing consultant. Over time, that became Lindsey B Consulting, and the business was built just by word of mouth recommendations. Once the workload got to a certain point, Lindsey leaned on her lifelong best friend, Katie Spencer, to step in and help get things organized. Lindsey was always hesitant to do much of her own marketing because she didn’t have the infrastructure to support an influx of clients, but she knew once she had some support and things on the business side were lined up, she had to start practicing what she preached. 

Katie Spencer

Katie graduated in 2010 from Arkansas State with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a minor in Spanish. She moved to Spain for a year where she taught English. Katie moved back to her hometown of Jonesboro in 2012 where she became a Spanish teacher at International Studies Magnet School. During the summers she organized and led cultural immersion tours to Costa Rica for her students and their families. Although she loved teaching and adored her students, she realized her calling was organization, leading, and management. In mid-2019 she branched out on her own when she helped encourage and support her best friend, Lindsey, to take her marketing consulting business to the next level. Katie was invited to bring her management and organizational skills to the table and, Polish was born.

Cody Moore

Though he is a city boy at heart, Cody spent most of his life growing up in the small town of DeWitt, Arkansas. He moved to Jonesboro in 2013 to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Journalism from Arkansas State University. Cody graduated with that degree in 2017 and immediately began working for a local magazine as an editorial writer and photographer. In January 2021, Cody made the decision to join the Polish team as the Creative Content Director, allowing him to do what he loved while also gaining experience in the social media marketing world. When he’s not drinking an iced coffee or listening to his curated playlists, you can find him creating fun, updated, and innovative social content that draws attention.

Hannah Campbell

Hannah is originally from Southern Illinois and found Polish when searching for an internship during her time at college. She began working as an intern in 2020 and has been here ever since. Hannah received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Arkansas State University in 2021. She moved to Downtown Jonesboro, post-graduation, to begin working full time with The Polish Agency. She has a love for traveling and meeting new people, but often chooses to spend her time with her dog, Stormy. She has future plans to own an event venue, but couldn’t resist staying in Jonesboro to spend her time learning and growing with The Polish Agency.

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